They Keep Knocking it Out!

Each week I am constantly amazed by our students.  Today’s ‘shout out’ goes to our Writing Partnership High School Completion Students.  They continue to make incredible gains despite having to work and for many raise a family.  Here are last Saturday’s successes:

  • One student passed math three exam with an 85!
  • One student passed first exam in Introduction to Literature and Short Story!
  • One student passed Reading Skills exam with an 85%!
  • One student passed Consumer Math exam with an 80%!
  • One student passed Part 1, 2, 3  in her Human Relations course
  • One student passed Part 1 of Human Relations course
  • One new student studied for his first examination.

We were joined this week by a Siena student, Saba, who will serve as mentor for a new student.  Serving as a mentor is a great way for Siena and Maria College students to be involved in the life of Refugees and to make this program such a transformative experience.

Three Maria College students also joined this week.  They were here to give us a hand with our unit on reading with comprehension.  Mu Blae, Chayenne and Dom were amazing. They would like to start their a sister program at Maria College.  We look forward to helping this get off the ground.  Welcome, Welcome!

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