You Guessed it!

​Our curriculum last Thursday night was about….well you guessed it…the election!  After a brief over of the electoral process in the United States our students worked together on what it would be like to be the President of the United States.  Our questions included, “What would you do if you were President?”.  The question may seem pretty basic but not for our refugee students.  To imagine that you are the most powerful person on the planet, is a leap when you have spend most of your life in a camp of 30,000 people who have no rights, no liberties and no vote. 

When you are a refugee, you have no control over your life.  So you might expect that when presented with the possibility that you might become the most powerful person on the planet, you might find answers like a new car or a big house or simply enough food.   Instead our students talked of peace, an end to violence and food for everyone. 

That is the kind of students that we work with at the Writing Partnership.  Students who have come through trauma and tragedy of the worst kind, yet see the goodness that the future can hold.  

I am hoping that everyone who reads this will be moved.  It is my personal mission and the mission of Writing Partnership to provide that bright future for our students. It is a win-win situation.  Our refugee students move into a amazing world of possibilities and our Siena College and Maria College students develop the leadership ability to assist in that transformation.  

Please take a look at our website,

God Bless,

Dr. Harden

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