“Do I Still Dare to Dream?”

I woke up this morning with several messages waiting for me. The one that most affected me was from a Refugee student who asked me, “Do I still dare to Dream?”  In that single sentence, my heart broke. It lay like pieces on the floor amid the hopes of so many refugees.  

I choked.  What could I say?  Then another message came in, “Why so many people like him?”.  “I don’t know”, I had to say. “Why is that people like people who hate others?” I don’t know the answer to that either.

Then another message from a Refugee student, a graduate of our program, now at a local college.  “Help me go to law school”, she said, “I know it will be hard but I want to make a difference.”

I did not feel like teaching this morning, but knowing that students would be anxious and apprehensive, I had to teach. I had to listen to the concerns and fears from students that have made my life more meaningful.  In their pain, suffering, strength and fortitude, I see a better America.  I see an America in which we all can still dream and no one can stop that.

Dr. Harden

One thought on ““Do I Still Dare to Dream?”

  1. Hello John, I was just looking back at our emails 7 or 8 years ago. What a beautiful time then. What a beautiful time now. How far we each have come in fulfilling each our own way of Ori. How wonderful to know that absolutely nothing will limit us except ourselves. Please share this thought with your students. Even as you actively exhibit and exemplify your ideals, teach them to do that as well. Blessings my dear friend

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