This Cohort Rocks!

img_0253What can I tell you! Each Saturday Evening, I am amazed. First, we welcome two more students into our cohort. They are eager and ready to begin. Our student succeeded in completing the following this week:

  • One student finished and passed reading exam
  • One student logged in and talked to his Siena College mentor
  • One student prepared for his reading skills exam
  • One student passed her English examination and earned a 90%
  • One student passed three exams this week
  • One student completed her Quizlet homework
  • One student received an 82% on her Human Relations Exam
  • One student worked with his mentor

During the session, we worked on reading comprehension, and you could see the improvement. Each week students are required to read two newspaper articles and to give a brief summary of the article. From there they derive a list of vocabulary words.

The student enjoyed learning and using Quizlet, which I recommend for all students to use.

Carry on. Honored Students — I am incredibly wowed by your performance! Well done!

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