How to give Thanks…

While I often begin my blog by bragging about the success of our students, I wanted to do something different this post.

Yes, there are many, many things to be thankful for in the last few weeks. Among them are
1. A dedicated group of refugee students who are struggling to make a better life for them and their children
2. A dedicated group of Siena students and alumni who are struggling to contribute to making the educational experience of our refugee students success.
3. A growing community of people who are aware of the needs, conditions and concerns of those marginalized by war, genocide and ignorance

Most of all, though, I must be thankful for expression of love and solidarity showed by the People of God at Mater Christi Church. The members of this community opened their hearts to help our refugee students. They embraced them, hugged them, prayed with them. It was unbelievable.

This moment was a true expression of how our world should be. A place of love, respect and generosity. My heart was overwhelmed. This is how to give thanks.


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