To Think Different…

Many, many years ago, Apple computing, launched a commercial that taught a powerful message.  The commercial was filled with images of men and women who were thought to be the “crazy ones” during their lifetimes.  Each took they own path and each changed the world.  These men and woman believed that they could change the world and they did.  In art, science, social justice and humanities these “crazy ones” brought a new reality into light.  

I have experienced this light.  The young women and men who have been my companions on a path that led us to think differently about education and the gift that it brings.  Either Refugee Student or Siena Student, each created a vision which came to known as the Writing Partnership. A vision based on the fundamental belief that each has a story to tell and that each a story worth telling.

Yet there are those who consistently attempt to control the creativity of our young ones. They form rules and controls that diminish, rather than enhance, the dreams of the young visionaries. 

Last night, we celebrated our sixth Christmas party.  As I looked around the room, of Refugee Students and Siena Students, what I saw was one group united to make our world a safer and more just place.  What was so different was that this group of young visionaries were living that reality.  They are the “crazy ones” who have changed my world and the world of so many others.  
Thank you, my dear “crazy ones”, may you ever continue to change the world.  You have changed my world. Below is the link to the original commercial.  Take a minute and watch.

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