Towards a New Beginning.​..

In June we celebrated another group of refugee students graduating from Bishop Maginn High School.  This summer we prepared for the fall. That means we prepared for the first semester of College.  Moving forward, I wanted the future college students to understand the vast difference between college and high school. It is a difficult transition for most high school students but refugee students face additional hurdles.

We set about to brainstorm a process that would allow entering college students to practice the kinds of skills included in college work. I sat down with our last year’s cohort and set an agenda of items that current refugee college students could practice for this fall.

For twelve days we sat together in our make shift classroom and talked about college, the transition to adulthood and how one can grow to support the community.  Each day, we put our six participants through practice session that would be similar to the kind of experiences that one would encounter in college. The morning would begin by working on technology skills. Then lunch, then reading, discussion and presentation.

At the end of each day, everyone (including yours truly!) was tired and ready to go home only to do additional work.  Despite the rigorous schedule, each student fully participated.

Toward the end of the twelve days, there were given an iPad to assist them on their journey.  More importantly, they were taught ways to have technology assist in their education

We learned many things together but most important is that our participants learned that they are not alone, they are part of a community.   I have attached some pictures below.  Enjoy!

In order to make this happen, we need your support! Please go to and consider donating.  There is so much more to be done!

Dr. Harden




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